What you need along your journey.

Our toolbox of brand strategy exercises makes unleashing your brand's awesomeness a fun and collaborative process. We've got all the cool tricks to help you uncover your brand's secret sauce, dig into market trends, and create a unique strategy that will enable your brand to stand out.

The First Tool —
Customer personas

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An icon:  Different personas

Customer personas are the cool character profiles of the people who might be interested in what your business offers.

Imagine you're creating a cast for your own movie – each persona is a unique individual with their quirks, needs, and preferences.

Icon: A client choosing which items she would like to buy.

Remember, these personas help you tailor your marketing, product development, and communication strategies.

By understanding specific potential customer profiles you can create content and products that resonate with them on a personal level.

An icon: Different demographics.

It's like having a bunch of friendly faces to guide you in making your business awesome for your customers!

A mountain landscape with a GPS in the foreground.

The Second Tool —
Business model canvas

When you fill out the canvas, you're creating a clear, visual representation of your business. You're seeing how all the pieces fit together and understanding the big picture.

The Business Model Canvas is like your business's GPS – it helps you navigate the journey by providing a clear overview of where you're headed and what you need to succeed.

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A hiker examining a map.

The Third Tool —
Competitive research and analysis

Let's break down competitive research and analysis in the context of brand strategy – it's like putting on your detective hat and learning from your competitors to supercharge your brand's success. Imagine this process as your secret mission to uncover what your competitors are up to. It's like checking out the moves of other players in the game so you can make your brand stand out even more.

So, here's the scoop: Competitive research and analysis is all about understanding your rivals – their strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. The magic here is that competitive research and analysis helps you see the bigger picture. You're learning from others, adapting, and growing. It's like having your rivals as teachers – you're taking the best lessons and using them to make your brand shine even brighter.

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The Fourth Tool —

Empathy mapping and the value proposition canvas

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An icon: A radio

Imagine empathy mapping as your toolkit for getting into your audience's heads and hearts. It's all about stepping outside your own perspective and seeing things from their point of view.

With this map in hand, you're better equipped to create content, products, or services that really resonate. You're not just guessing – you're tuned in to their radio station, feeling their vibes, hearing their words, and watching their moves.

An icon:  An arrow pointing at a thought bubble.

In a nutshell, empathy mapping is like having a trail map to your audience's emotions, thoughts, and actions. It's about forming a deep connection, like you're in sync with their world, helping you create stuff that truly speaks to them.

An icon:  A map on an easle

The Value Proposition Canvas - a secret weapon for businesses to create products and services that customers can't resist. Picture this canvas as a magical map that helps you understand your customers' wants and needs on one side, and your super cool offerings on the other.

Where your customers' dreams and your awesome offerings meet, that's where the sparks fly. The Value Proposition Canvas is like a matchmaker for businesses and customers, helping you create stuff that's so on-point, your customers can't help but fall in love with what you've got to offer.

The Fifth Tool —
Brand personality framework and brand tone of voice framework

Imagine your brand as a person, hanging out at a coffee shop or hitting the dance floor. Now, what kind of person is it? Is it playful and fun-loving, or maybe more serious and dependable? That's what the brand personality exercise is all about – giving your brand those relatable human characteristics.

Remember, this exercise isn't about making your brand something it's not. It's about finding the authentic personality traits that resonate with both your brand and your audience. It's like creating a brand that your customers would love to hang out with, just like that awesome friend who truly gets them.

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The Sixth Tool —

Customer journey mapping

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An illustration of hiking boots.

Customer journey mapping is all about understanding the twists and turns your customers go through when they interact with your brand.

It's like walking in their boots, but with a big smile on your face.

An icon:  A book

First things first, we break it down into stages.

Think of it like chapters in a book – there's the moment they first hear about you, the time they decide to give your product a whirl, the ups and downs of using it, and all the way to the point where they're your biggest fans.

An icon:  A path to a mountain top

The goal is to turn this journey into a smooth, exciting experience. You tweak things, add sparkles where needed, and smooth out any bumps in the road.

It's like being the director of a feel-good movie – you want every scene to be memorable and enjoyable.

The Seventh Tool —

Social media calendar

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An icon:  A calendar

Embrace the concept of a social media calendar – it's the organized, strategic game plan that helps you rock your social media presence.

An icon:  A calendar close up

Imagine this calendar as your trusty sidekick, helping you plan and keep track of all your social media posts, just like you'd mark important dates on your regular calendar.

An icon:  Pages of a calendar

Look at the upcoming weeks or months and figure out what you want to share with your audience, and at the same time what events, holidays, or themes are trending globally.

Having one place to capture all your ideas ensures you can keep your content fresh, relevant, exciting, and organized.

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