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The Problem

A local North Vancouver lifestyle apparel brand known for functional and comfortable clothing and accessories needed to reinvent itself. Despite having quality products, they had relatively low brand awareness and weren’t generating consistent sales. The brand's visual identity and online presence felt outdated and disconnected from its target audience, leading to a lack of resonance in a very competitive market. The owner needed a brand identity that appealed to the tight-knit North Vancouver community and a cost-effective way to reach new customers.

Northshore Style hats and tshirts on display.

The Solution

We partnered with the owner to embark on a rebranding journey that would breathe new life into the brand and boost sales.

Discovery and Strategy

We started with in-depth discovery sessions with the owner, and by conducting market research and competitor analysis.

Defining the Brand Identity

Based on the research, we redefined the brand's purpose, values, and positioning. We wanted to shift the brand from just selling products to inspiring a lifestyle and sense of community. We worked with the owner to rename the brand to what it is today – NorthShore Style.

The Northshore Style logo.


The outdated logo and visual elements were a significant hurdle. With the help of the owner, who is an artist, we designed afresh, modern logo that captured the essence of nature and movement while incorporating elements that resonated with the target audience. A new colour palette and typography were chosen to evoke a sense of energy and modernness.

An example of Northshore Style's headline.

Content and Business Model

To connect with customers, NorthShore Style needed a compelling narrative. We crafted a story that showcased NorthShoreStyle as more than just a clothing brand – it was a movement embracing nature and the North Vancouver community. This story became the backbone of all communications. We refined product offerings and pricing, re-wrote all product descriptions, and identified new collaborators, influencers, promotional opportunities, and sales channels.

A Northshore Style branded tote bag.

Multichannel Implementation

We helped NorthShore Style roll out the new brand identity consistently across all touch points – we redesigned the website and updated social media profiles, packaging, and marketing materials. We created a newsletter template, blog post ideas, and a social media calendar to help capture ideas and streamline processes. We set Facebook shop to facilitate in-app shopping opportunities. This created a unified brand experience that customers could recognize and trust.

From the NorthShore Style Team

I had a fantastic experience with AdventureConsulting. They helped me rebrand my business, website and Instagram so that the brand message is clear and customers can instantly connect with my brand and shop online. Anjulie is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what she does and she is able to translate that into tangible results. I would highly recommend.
Colleen Bugg, Owner
NorthShore Style

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