The Problem

A custom outdoor cat enclosure construction company was having a tough time positioning itself and didn’t have a clear value proposition.

The owners found themselves trying to bend around any opportunities that came their way, which often weren’t the type of projects they wanted to focus on. Despite having a solid social media presence, they were operating without any help of any digital automation and were wasting time due to redundancies and inefficiencies in their processes.

Their website was basic, and didn’t effectively communicate who they were, their passion, their consultation and custom project process or success stories, and didn’t address pricing, catio sizes, and available options. They wanted to be more searchable on Google but didn’t understand how to make that happen.

They needed a way to clarify their offering, differentiate their brand to attract the customer they wanted, and organize their data in a way where they could draw insights and make better decisions.

The Solution

We partnered with the owners and did a complete brand audit to uncover their why and find opportunities to streamline their processes, created bold values and brand messaging that helped them define who they are, all while using SEO principles to help them rank higher in search.

Discovery & Strategy

We started by setting goals with the owners and establishing expectations for this process. We provided weekly pre-reading and “homework” assignments so the owners could be prepared for our workshop sessions, and learn how to take their brand to the next level.

Defining the Brand Identity and Personality

Based on our sessions and information from our competitor analysis, we defined the brand's vision, mission, values, and positioning. We wanted to shift the brand ethos to a more professional vibe, highlighting expertise, credibility, quality and authenticity.

Business Operations

We created product categories and pricing for each, as well as an inquiry form to pre-screen customers and help them decide what they wanted. We set the owners up with a CRM to organize all customer data, quotes, and communication so that all information was in one place and set up email templates to automate responses.

Website Revamp and Content Creation

To connect with the right customers, catiOasis needed to establish itself as a professional entity. We crafted messaging that resonated with our newly defined customer persona, highlighting benefits, quality, customization, safety, and peace of mind.

Our amazing web designer collaborator created a new website that included a blog and newsletter function to improve SEO and integrated the contact form with their CRM to streamline lead capture.

The site was designed to be user-friendly, with links between pages, clear calls to action, case studies of success stories with Google reviews, a robust FAQ section, and content for customers in different types of accommodations.

Social Media Integration

We created an annual social media marketing calendar to identify seasonal topics, events, holidays and key themes and a digital marketing channel strategy.

We created a branded hashtag and new social media bios and set the owner up with Linktree to better organize their IG. We provided a best practices document for information about content variety, ideal posting times, formats, and brand voice.

From Rebecca Jacobs

I cannot say enough good things about Anjulie Latta and Adventure Consulting. Anjulie’s creativity, enthusiasm, and drive fueled our conversations and got me really excited about the entire process.

I genuinely looked forward to our weekly meetings, which were always highly collaborative and informative. I even had fun with my homework!

Anjulie’s in-depth knowledge of marketing and branding coupled with her passion for her work made it easy for me to understand what we were doing and why.

My only regret is that we didn’t start working with Anjulie sooner. I wholeheartedly recommend Anjulie and Adventure Consulting.

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