Carmyn Marcano, Whistler Realtor

Examples of Carmyn's website pages.

The Problem

A new realtor, Carmyn Marcano, was passionate about helping clients find their dream homes, but she struggled to gain traction in the competitive real estate market. With limited experience in branding and social media, she lacked cohesive messaging and an effective online presence.

She was unsure how to effectively utilize social media platforms to showcase her listings and connect with her target audience. Due to her small and inconsistent online footprint, Carmyn’s listings weren't receiving the attention they deserved, causing frustration, and hindering her success.

She needed a clear brand identity that communicated her values, expertise, and unique approach to real estate.

Example of Carmyn's website page.

The Solution

We partnered with Carmyn to develop her brand positioning, key messages, and content strategy, identify partners and collaborators, and guided her in social media best practices.

Brand Discovery and Identity Development

We conducted in-depth interviews with Carmyn to understand her values, strengths, and goals. Through empathy mapping and value proposition workshops, we defined Carmyn's brand personality, values, and unique selling points. This formed the foundation for her brand identity.

Example of Carmyn's website page.

Content Creation

We helped Carmyn create a tagline that succinctly summarized her value proposition. We developed a comprehensive social media strategy, and established a content calendar to identify trends, industry insights, and to maximize engagement on different platforms. With the help of a videographer, we created a series of short reels for Carmyn to connect with her audience in an authentic way, which were used for social media promotion.

We created a newsletter template and identified relevant seasonal information to include in regular communications. A new website, including the video we helped create, key brand messaging, and listings organized by neighborhood was the outcome. Her clear brand identity and strong online presence not only improved her business but also positioned her as a trusted realtor in her community.

From Carmyn Marcano

I can't say enough good things about Anjulie and Adventure Consulting. Anj helped me find my voice and stand out from the pack. She took the time to deep dive into what makes me tick and what I uniquely bring to the table for my clients. Through her detailed process she built a marketing plan  that was easy to implement and extremely effective right out of the gate that went to work for me to start attracting my ideal clients. I highly recommend her!
Carmyn marcano
Whistler Realtor

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